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Universal Adapter 90W

Name: Universal Adapter 90W

model: 90W

Standard: 90W

Product description



LED Voltage Display Adjustable output voltage
With AC and DC input Cable.
With 8 interchangeable tips Suit for most brand laptops
1.AC Input:
  Input Votage: AC 110 – 240 V
  Input Current: 1.8A
2.Output voltage: DC15 – 24V
3.Output Current:  15,16,18,19,20V / 4.5 A 22V,24V / 3.75 A
4.USB Port:5V
5.Approvals:CE and ROHS
6   Overload protection     yes
7   Short Circuit Protection  yes
8   Connector Size(mm):A:6.3*3.0 B:6.0*1.4 C:5.5*2.5
                                   D:5.5*2.1 E:5.5*1.5 F:5.0*1.4
                                   G:4.8*1.7 H:4.0*1.7 




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